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Another side blog because I draw a lot of jojo.
This blog also has an incredible lack of quality
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Anonymous: Quick question, how much did you pay for Jojoveller?

I got the limited edition so…I think I paid like $280? (with shipping) HAHA…. :(

JOJOVELLER ARRIVED and as per a few of my friends requesting I document the book, I’ve uploaded a very large zip of 96% of the book’s contents here. I don’t know if anyone else did this, but I decided to anyhow!!! 

Please know that I didn’t get to edit or resize any of these pictures (lazy) so some might be blurry at 100% but I hope that for the most part, it’s still viewable! 

Missing pages were because they were either very familiar Araki illustrations, or because my camera ran out of battery (towards the end). ENJO(jo)Y!!!!!! 

jojo commissions I got from saboten con today! thank you to the two lovely people who commissioned me, I enjoyed drawing jojo villains so muchhhhhhh ahh



HI I’M SORRY FOR MAKING ANOTHER PRINT SHOP POST but I closed my bigcartel and switched over to storenvy!!! Thank you to everyone that ordered from bigcartel!!

Welcome to the second version of my JOJO  print shop!! I added pins (LoK, JOJO, T&B) to the collection and in the next couple of weeks I’m going to also put up a KRBS postcard set!!! Look forward to it!!!!! THANKS GUYS xoxo

Hi! Sorry again to clog up your dashboard again…

I switched my print shop from bigcartel to storenvy recently!! Added a few things too! I hope to make more JoJo merch in the future :-) please take a look, thank you!


was thinking about how much I love part 4 so i finished up an old sketch